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What does it mean to own a container home? It could mean you like nature, going ‘green’, recycling, tiny home living or maybe it’s as simple as wanting to design and build your own unique container home!

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MORE than a Lifestyle!

Container Home Living is about inspiring others. It’s about caring for the world around you. This lifestyle refreshes, simplifies, helps organize, enlightens. It’s fun, it’s freeing and it’s just down right cool!

About Us

The Container Home Living Community is part of a worldwide, dynamic and growing society who cares about and supports improving our environment and quality of life! We support eco-friendly and cruelty-free products, services and businesses in our effort to conserve resources, limit waste, promote sustainability and so much more! Our community is passionate about living ‘green’ within beautiful, uniquely designed spaces that reflect these passions!

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Container Home Living

Thank you for visiting Container Home Living. We're here to make achieving your dream of owning your container home or business a reality! We look forward to welcoming you to this incredible community!